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AFSC President Emeritus
Brad Snyder Presents Coin

Home Visitor at Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall Pamela H. is shown here being presented an On the Spot Award by AFSC President Emeritus Brad Snyder. Pam who has worked with AFSC for 2 years was recognized for assisting with a complex, high needs Army family at JBMH. Pamela worked diligently to build trust and rapport with the family through her genuine and caring nature. For the pasts two years she has attended various appointments and meetings with Pediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists, Public Health officials, Social Workers, and CDC personnel as a coach/advocate for the parents, modeling for them appropriate questioning and interactions with service providers. The family is truly fortunate to have Pamela in their lives and AFSC is equally fortunate to have such an outstanding Home Visitor. The local Family Advocate Program Manager (FAPM) and coworkers were present for this special recognition, stating "we just love her to pieces."

Success Stories:
Giving Back to Our Military Community

At this time of year, we are reminded to think of those less fortunate and to give back to the community. At AFSC, it is our mission to serve the military community and to give back to the Warriors, Veterans and Families who have given up a great deal in service to our country.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to clearly see the positive impact that results from our efforts in fulfilling this mission, for example the wounded Veterans who have recently received a mortgage free home, awarded to them through a non-profit that supports our nation’s Warriors.

For one Veteran, he and his wife were flown to their new town and recognized at a rivalry high school football game in the community. Another was awarded the home, on stage, at a Toby Keith & Colt Ford concert. For another Veteran, A local news channel came to his house to present the home awarded, he was shown on 5 o’clock news in his hometown.

In the cases of these three veterans, they were offered 3 years of financial mentoring. They also each were provided with a two year supply of Snapple- Dr. Pepper products and a 50 inch flat screen TV from Walmart.

Two of these veterans were also offered jobs working at the VA.

As a result of the efforts of that same program, 14 families were adopted for Christmas through an non-profit that supports Wounded Warriors. Adopted families were those who needed additional assistance to provide Christmas for their families. The Families were generously provided with specific toys, presents, and gift cards to make the special holiday more memorable.

Voices of AFSC

Here is a comprehensive snapshot of the most recent survey of AFSC employees.

98.7% have a good understanding of our mission and 99.6% are aligned with our core values

96.9% see their job as important to our special mission

96.9% are willing to give extra effort to help us succeed

89.3% are satisfied with AFSC as their employer and
65.1%are EXTREMELY satisfied

Based on a response rate of 49.2%.

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