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An Martin Luther King Jr., Day Message

This Monday, we will celebrate the newest of our Federal holidays, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Dr. King was a uniquely effective champion of equality, and his non-violent, thoughtful messages remain just as powerful and uplifting today as during his life, which was tragically cut short in 1968.

Although there is always more work to be done, the military has traditionally been ahead of general society in terms of diversity and respect.  Similarly, Magellan Federal has enjoyed the many benefits of a very diverse team, bringing a multitude of rich experiences and perspectives, unified by our compassion and commitment to service.  It was my honor to recently rename our headquarters conference room after Lieutenant General Hank Doctor, who served on AFSC’s Board of Director’s until his death due to illness. He was one of the highest ranking African American officers of his era and embodied many of the strengths of Dr. King.  Unknown to me at the time, until his last week on this earth, he was sneaking out against physician’s orders, without telling his wife, to help AFSC build our business strategy.

LTG Doctor was deeply devoted to our special mission and his service as Director exemplified the highest traditions of leadership and service. Hank once said that his philosophy on life was based on three principles: faith, commitment, and education. He was noted for his kindness and genuine love for all people.  At his funeral, General Colin Powell (retired), spoke with great emotion about his early years in uniform, and how vital it was to have LTG Doctor to look up to and learn from as a role model.  He described LTG Doctor as a selfless mentor, who was passionate about helping others and served as a uniquely powerful guiding beacon to many young minority officers.

As America wrestles with how we can constructively continue to improve this great nation, I think we can all learn from the lives of Dr. King and LTG Doctor.  Today we are all surrounded by people who for one reason or another are facing challenges.  Actively watch for people in your work and private lives who are facing societal/life challenges, and find ways to offer compassion, mentoring or any other support that can help them lead a healthy, vibrant life.  Remember that simply knowing that someone understands and cares about our struggles can be tremendously empowering and powerful.

Please enjoy this special holiday.  Thank you for your contributions to a better world.

Geoff Deutsch
President & CEO

2016 Ugly Sweater Contest

Tis the season to look our best during the holidays. We celebrated with our cutest, tackiest, and most unique sweaters here at AFSC/Magellan Federal. Of course the celebration would not be complete without hot cocoa, cider, and holiday baked goods. Click here to see our video of the competition and celebrations.

Thank you to all who participated in our 2nd annual sweater contest. Below are this year's winners. (From Left - Right)

Cutest: Amanda P. & Lindsay S. / Most Unique: Sarah C. / Tackiest: Pam M.

A special thank you to our judges and those who coordinated the event. Please tune in our for Lip Sync Contest taking place later this month. A very Happy Holidays to everyone.

Congratulations Anthony M.

Anthony M., a physical disability evaluation system analyst based in San Antonio for AFSC/Magellan Federal, was called to active duty by the Texas National Guard in April to assist the state’s first responders and emergency aid officials in response to severe weather that hit Texas. As part of the Defense Support of Civil Authorities, this team handled the call with urgency, care and a high standard of professionalism.

Anthony’s unit was assigned to Texas Task Unit 1 to provide assistance to flood rescue operations. The Task Unit and Anthony’s team provided safe transport for a six-person fire and rescue team, using a Zodiac boat to escort the group through neighborhoods that were submerged in six feet of water. This enabled the team to safely rescue citizens who were trapped by the dangerous flood waters.

From April 18-22, Anthony, his team and the local fire and rescue team successfully and safely rescued 13 citizens trapped by the flood waters. The Texas flood waters killed 16 people, including nine soldiers stationed at Fort Hood.

Anthony was recognized with the Texas Humanitarian Award for his actions during this extremely dangerous situation. A huge congratulations to Anthony for being honored with this award. We thank you for serving in uniform both at work and on personal time. Most importantly, thank you for your outstanding service to the Texas community.

2016 AFCPE Research and Training Symposium

AFSC/Magellan Federal employees (L-R) Neil S., Danielle A., Vincent P., and Steph P. represented AFSC/Magellan Federal at the 2016 Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education Annual Symposium.

This year's event was held in Louisville Kentucky where hundreds gathered from across the country for learning and training sessions held throughout the week long symposium. To learn more, visit AFCPE Symposium today.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Month Team 5K

On 22 October 2016, the AFSC San Antonio Team, joined by family members, participated in an 4th Annual 5K run/walk to bring awareness to the fight against Domestic Violence to support the Kristine Meza Foundation. This event, without precedence, brought the community together around awareness and a firm theme of ‘Supporting the Victims, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken, and Never Ever Giving up Hope”.

The mission of the Kristine Meza Foundation is to raise awareness in our community on the impact of domestic violence. The foundation is committed to strengthen individuals by education, compassion and courage. Also included in the mission is to serve as a resource to those associated with its physical, emotional and mental harm and by doing so, preventing the loss of wholesome lives.

Included with the 18 AFSC Team Members, also known as “AFSC Sole Train”, the run was supported by over 1,000 runners and walkers. It was a wonderful event, supporting a cause that is close to the hearts of the AFSC Family!

History of Kristine Meza Foundation (KMF): KMF was organized in response to a tragic event that occurred on February 11, 2011. Kristine Meza fell victim to domestic violence. She was ambushed in her driveway on her way to work by her estranged ex-boyfriend. As a result, a group of individuals united to embark on a mission in hopes of making a difference for those who feel locked in silence. KMF was born September 2011. Our goal is to host an annual 5K Run/Walk in order to raise more awareness on the issue and impact of domestic violence. Along with hosting an annual 5K to generate awareness, KMF’s goal is also to recruit as many support members and offer resources for help.

Learn more about Kristine Meza Foundation today.

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