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    Trusted with America's
    Toughest and Most Honored Work
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    for America's Wounded Warriors
    and Caregivers
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    We Continue a 137-year Legacy of
    Surviving Families
    of America’s fallen warriors
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    Supporting At-risk Families
    in Education,
    Financial Wellness,
    Domestic Violence,
    and Sexual Assault
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    We are the largest provider of
    mental resilience
    training for soldiers
    using advanced neuroscience
    to manage stress in battle and at home

Expect More: We are committed to maximizing government impact, and to the effort and innovation that it requires.

With a 137-year legacy of service, AFSC is recognized for our deeply committed people and our industry‑leading processes that help the government do more with every dollar.

AFSC initiates solutions to problems without being asked.

—Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense